High quality artwork is being produced everyday by talented Aboriginal artists, though many have limited opportunities to display and market their work. Tili Arts provides a platform for Aboriginal artists to promote artwork for rental and sale to our growing network of corporate customers and clients. Once rented, artists receive monthly income whilst continuing to own their artwork for the duration the consignment period.

How It Works For Artists

Supply Your Artwork

Artists supply Tili Arts with ready to hang artwork for photography and website curation.

We Promote your Art

Tili Arts showcase and promote your artwork to prospective clients.

You Receive an Income

Tili Arts pay monthly instalments to artists upon rental of your artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artists still own their art; Tili Arts are simply brokering it on behalf of the artists. 

Photos of the art are required for advertising purposes. These may be used on the website or social media. Images will not be used to produce prints of original art for the purpose of resale. 

At Tili Arts we understand artists are using online galleries to sell their work. We encourage this, consequently, artists can request for their art to be returned within 14 days if the art is not being rented. If the art is rented, Tili Arts will notify the artist, and then the art will be locked into a rental plan. At the end of the rental period, the art can be returned within 14 days. 

Liability of the art lies with the party who is in possession of the art. 

 Yes. Whilst Tili Arts primary aim is to link businesses and homes with local art that is refreshed annually, we also understand that people will fall in love with pieces and Tili Arts will facilitate sales on behalf of artists.

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