Goanna Love Story


Debra Nangala McDonald


Size: 121 x 87 cm


The Story: Debra Nangala McDonald is a Pintupi artist, born in Papunya (north west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory), who now resides in Adelaide. “Every time I go home to Papunya, we go straightaway, walking out bush, telling nature I am back, and collecting bush foods”. Her mother, aunties and mother-in-law were also talented artists with a strong line of stories. Debra is the Granddaughter of Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi, from whom she was trusted this story.


Goanna Love Story is a traditional story about the Goanna Spirit of the Dreamtime and as such has many layers. Goannas mate for life. The small concentric circle in the centre is the hole in the sandbank where the goanna lives. The larger circle depicts the contours of the sandhills around the goanna’s burrow. The designs on either side represent the male goanna tracks as he ventures out searching for a mate. This painting also depicts Medicine Leaves. Oils and fats from Goanna’s are mixed with the liquid from the leaves to make healing ointments.

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