Purrumbawi (Saltbush)


Katherine Moore


Size: 120 x 60cm


The Story: “A common native plant around the Coorong is the Purrumbawi (saltbush). This plant has lovely, salty flavoured leaves which are a good substitute for salt”.


Kath is a Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna woman, and contemporary Aboriginal artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Her Nan, Doris Kropinyeri, grew up at Raukkan, a mission on the Coorong, south of Adelaide. Kath has a strong connection to the country and waters of the Coorong being where she finds a lot of inspiration for her artwork. Her artwork tells the stories of her Nan’s life growing up on the mission, stories of the Ngarrindjeri people as well as her own story, of her family and raising two children in Adelaide.

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