Watiya-Warnu Tjukurrpa (Seed Dreaming)


Marshall Robertson Jangala


Size: 240 x 147cm


The Story: This painting by Marshall Robertson Jangala talks about the ancestral connection of Jangala men harvesting Watiya-Warnu seeds (a seed bearing tree, the Acacia Tenuissima). The Watiya-Warnu grows on open spinifex and mulga Country. The seeds are collected from “outback Country” and then carried to Mount Liebig for the preparation winnowing before being ground (gnurlu) to make damper. The long trek back and winnowing process often takes all afternoon with the work being shared between the men and the women. The immature seeds are saved as they are ground to make a digestive medicine. The ceremonial ownership of this Dreaming belongs to Nampijinpa/Nangala Women and Jampijinpa/Jangala Men with the ceremony also being drawn on the ground in the ‘old way’.

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