Gudimulka #2


Kylie O’Loughlin


Size: 61 x 92cm


The Story: “Gudimulka is a place of high cultural significance to my people, the Narungga people of Guuranda (the Yorke Peninsula). Gudimulka belongs to the Creation story of Buthera. It is a place where all the people gathered around the waterhole. A place where they were burnt by the great fire created by Buthera. The place where those people became birds, the magpie, the crow, the shag and the seagull. This is why these birds are our kin, because they were once our human family.


This painting is also part of a series of 12 paintings, that I was commissioned to paint for Guuranda theatre production. Guuranda was produced and directed by Jacob Boehme (Narungga/Kaurna) as part of 2024 Adelaide Festival”.


Kylie OLoughlin – Narungga/Kaurna

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