Minyma Kutjara (DK)

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Size: 203 x 87cm

Orientation: Landscape


The Artist: Tjalumi Daisybell Kulujuru

The Story: This dreaming story begins with two sisters traveling across country together. The big sister was taking the little sister to meet her family for the first time. She had been raised by others and did not want to leave them. They walked across country, stopping to do Inma (sacred dancing and singing), to hunt and to sleep. The places where the sisters travelled and rested can be traced through the desert, because their actions often created landmarks, rock holes and mountain ranges. Near Irrunytju, the sisters sat on two hills and made hair belts in preparation for important women’s business. They threw their wana (digging stick) creating the rock hole here. We can see the paths they took (the dotted paths) and the places they camped (group of circles), and all the terrains they travelled through.

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