The Secret Water Hole


Kylie O’Loughlin


Size: 76 x 102cm


The Story: “As I stand to look at you. I look in awe, pride and sorrow. I look at the thousands of years you have existed and provided life to my ancestors. You sit harmoniously and anonymously in the landscape. You appear humble, and yet, you are the most important element to life. Without you we would cease to exist.


I also look at you and worry. I worry more and more people will find you, will drive over you, not knowing you are there, or will deliberately desecrate you, simply because they don’t like you because of who you are, and what you represent.


Those scars will forever remain upon you. I worry if you get hurt, we will be hurt also, because you are a part of us, and we are a part of you. Standing in your presence, you give me a sense of home, belonging and comfort.


You have been deemed ‘private’, and maybe that’s a good thing, because you now have a new custodian. I hope future generations continue to offer you the safety you deserve, in your extremely fragile environment that is constantly under threat. Sometimes you have visitation rights, but it is out of our hands.


But in finding you, I found myself because you are a storyteller. You hold our stories, you hold our identity, you hold the stories of how my ancestors cared for the fresh water you hold, and how they protected you. You work together, the land, the water and our old people.


I worry for you but you need to remain a secret for your own protection”.


Kylie O’Loughlin – Narungga/Kaurna

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